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When it comes to exercises, physique champions are not bound by the shackles of just doing the regular so called core exercise movements all the time; rather they are always experimenting, looking for unusual or more efficient, journeyman or master, exercises to perform.


Do as the champion bodybuilders do by closely examining the exercises you are currently performing and see if they are giving you the results you desire.




This Book consists of an almost endless quick-check-list collection of the shortest, Most Explosively Powerful Exercise Tips & commentary Ever Published. I like to call them CHERRY BOMBS because of their EXPLOSIVE impact on muscle gains. All of the following “how-to” CHERRY BOMB exercise tips can be read and understood in 3-5 minutes or less, many in 60 seconds.


Many of these “quick-start” CHERRY BOMB exercises have remained part of my daily training sessions, and they have brought outstanding results to tens of thousands of bodybuilders worldwide. Do as many other have and include these productive muscle protection exercise “quick-start tricks” to your workouts and you won’t become a VICTIM of muscle loss. Enjoy!!!


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