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36+ Signature Training Winning Edge Workouts


Trying to follow someone else’s training schedule(s), techniques or exercises can be a grave error in some cases. If you are fairly new to bodybuilding, it is very easy to make this mistake. Just because the vigilante champion bodybuilders of today uses a particular punishing type of training protocol successfully does not automatically mean you will make similar gains following those routines set for set.


As a matter of fact, many of these champions’ mega pro routines, techniques and exercises may not be suitable for your present condition, ultimate potential, or body type. As a result you may even lose muscle size on these routines.


The best approach, of course, is to learn from these top bodybuilders, picking up a tip here and there and trying to incorporate into your own schedule the exercises that appeal to you most. Always remember that you must do this only within your present fitness level and recuperative ability.


For decades the bodybuilding magazines have solicited endorsements from top champions for various equipment, supplements, programs, and courses and made outlandish claims guaranteeing speedy increases in muscular size and strength.


As a result of these endorsements, countless thousands have attempted routines of the top bodybuilding amateurs and pros without realizing that these men and women, for the most part, have spend years of regular training to reach their present level of tolerance for lengthy, high-intensity workouts.


Generally speaking, most of the top bodybuilding champions seem to be blessed, due to heredity, with a better skeletal structure consisting of wide clavicles, narrow hips, and good muscle shape.


Having said all of the above, I can tell you that there are some bodybuilding champion approved Signature Training protocols which are absolutely OK to follow for protecting hard earned muscle mass and strength. 


So what exactly is Signature Training?  Simple stated it is any rational, winning edge workout, advanced muscle pumping technique and/or particular exercise which has been developed, accredited and is synonymous to a popular bodybuilding authority. An example of each of these includes, and is not limited to, the late Dan Duchaine’s Body Contract Workout, the late Bob Kennedy’s Pre-Exhaust Principle or the Larry Scott Preacher Bench Barbell Curl. 


Signature Training can also be synonymous to a select muscle factory (gym) globally rather than a popular bodybuilding authority. For example the Bulgarian Leg Workout obviously comes from the muscle factories in Bulgaria and the “Chicago System” from an East Coast muscle factory, while an exercise such as the Sissy Squat was developed and popularized in the muscle factories of the West Coast, specifically Muscle Beach Land many decades ago.   


Signature Training Advanced Muscle Pumping Technique such as Leo Costa’s “Muscle Rounds”, Super 21’s or Signature Training Workouts such as German Volume Training” by Charles Poliquin, Vince Gironda’s “Four Sides to A Muscle” or just maybe the Emeric Delczeg (IFBB pro bodybuilder) Training System can be used to evade and break through a training plateau or jump start the muscle gain factor once again. 


Having just answered the question; “So what exactly is Signature Training?” I must also add the following commentary.  Signature Training IS NOT always synonymous with any of the previously mentioned popular, winning edge workouts,

 advanced muscle pumping techniques and/or exercises.


Sometimes Signature Training is simple a catchphrase title universally assigned to a workout, muscle pumping technique or exercise without being synonymous to a particular bodybuilding authority or select muscle factory (gym).


Having said that . . .


For this particular eBook I am going to include (synonymous and non-synonymous) 36+ Approved (and more) Signature Training Winning Edge Workouts.


Why are they approved?  Because Signature Training Winning Edge Workouts have produced eye opening second-to-none results, IN THE GYM-WHERE IT COUNTS, for hundreds . . . even THOUSANDS of dedicated hardcore bodybuilders world-wide. I feel, and think you’ll agree that ultimate credibility is results. 

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