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Red-Line Blowtorch Intensity Techniques:

70+ Proven Tips-Tricks-Routines

For Building Muscle Mass!


To increase your muscular size and strength, you must methodically impose new demands on your muscles by exceeding previous levels of physical development.


There are certain, Almost Forgotten, Overlooked, or Outright Ignored, unique, fast paced and highly stimulating methods of overloading a muscle (such as the Aussie Mega Pump (AMP), Compensatory Acceleration, Super-Slow the ULTIMATE Exercise Protocol and Volume Training, just to name a few) that will allow you to accomplish this.


Herein are some solid facts and easy-to-grasp strategic methods and how to use them effectively for optimum muscle blasting.


For this particular eBook I am going to include 70+ Approved Red-Line Blowtorch Intensity Techniques.


These intensity techniques have produced eye opening second-to-none, muscle & strength, results, IN THE GYM-WHERE IT COUNTS, for hundreds . . . even THOUSANDS of dedicated hardcore bodybuilders world-wide. I personally feel, and think youíll agree that ultimate credibility is results.


The 70+ Intensity Techniques can do wonders for making a plain vanilla training program fresh and interesting, which in turn will keep you progressing toward upping the muscle & strength gain factor.


Please remember that the following techniques should not be used all at once Ė use only 1-2 or (at the most) 3 at any one time. Any more than that and you may overtrain the central nervous system (CNS).


You donít want this to happen, but instead want the central nervous system to remain activated, fresh and in a constant state of adaptation to the techniques I am about to present.


The 70+ Approved Red-Line Blowtorch Intensity Techniques contained in this eBook have been designed primarily for the advanced bodybuilder, the man who has already made considerable progress in building his body, the man who wishes to go on in building the maximum amount of muscle size and strength possible.

Table Of Contents

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