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Yukon Herc

Years ago I had a regular monthly Q & A column in the late Robert Kennedy’s MuscleMag International.  I remember one thought provoking question that a reader asked me.  Here is the question.



Q.  I read on your website (www.dennisbweis.com) that you have taken 6,000 heavy smart workouts in your bodybuilding career. That’s a lot of workouts and has got me wondering what is the most unthinkable "in the shit" psycho workouts you have ever personally experienced?


A.   I had to think about what you just ask me for about ˝ a micro-second.  The most psycho workouts I have ever done were at the Monster-Maker Gym in Inglewood, California . . .


 . . . I need to digress for a moment. The year was 1988 when my very good friend, the internationally known and respected Dr. Pete Samra, owner of Samra Nutrition International, called to tell me that he was promoting (along with co-promoter Big Jack O’Bleness) the California Natural Bodybuilding Championships in Redondo Beach.  He invited me to attend as his guest.



To be totally candid I didn’t have a clue who Big Jack O’Bleness was but I learned that he was the last word in muscle for over 50 years in southern California and internationally and had a huge reputation for creating a stable of NATURAL drug-free contest-day perfection winning bodybuilders. 


C:\Users\Dennis\Desktop\Big Jack-2.jpegI also learned about the hardcore Monster-Maker Gym in Inglewood, California and the adventurous workouts associated with it were under the direction of owner, Big Jack O’Bleness. 


I became a fast friend of Big Jack and he asked me if I would be interested in participating in some workout sessions Monster-Maker Gym Style.


C:\Users\Dennis\Documents\Toe Tag.jpegAn inner circle joke at the Monster-Maker Gym was that if you couldn’t survive one of Big Jacks sinister workouts he would comp you a body bag aka-cadaver pouch as a souvenir. 


All of the banter about Big Jack and his He-Man BRAWN Monster-Maker Gym intrigued me so I IMMEDIATELY accepted his invitation.




NOTE:  I then gave the reader the condensed version the workout which was twofold. 1. It satisfactorily addressed the reader’s question. 2. The commentary (answer) was well within the scope and spaced reserved editorial guidelines required by MuscleMag International.  This meant that Q & A would not be rejected for being too lengthy.  What follows is the EXPANDED VERSION of the workout. 




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