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Testimonials About E-Reports
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Dennis B. Weis

Hi Dennis,
"Thanks so much for the seminars and reports." ("My personal favorite is the Buyers Beware, naturally!") "We'll have fun with them-good luck with the sales!!"
Your Pals, Laree & Dave Draper

Hello Dennis,
"Thank you for forwarding your PDF reports." "I enjoyed the reports; you put a lot of good information in there." "The Chuck Sipes one & The Buyers Beware were especially good."
Thanks. Howard S. Havener,
Collector & Seller of Iron Game Memoribilia

Hey Dennis,
"I received your e-report (Buyers Beware!) today." "Very good material." "I think a report such as yours has the potential to, at the very least, provide a wake up call for those who buy into the "Huge Arms overnight."
Wishing you the best of success, Phil Kaplan,
Renowned Fitness Expert

Hi Dennis,
"I just had time to fully enjoy the seminar (e-report) by Chuck Sipes." "You did an EXCELLENT job on it."
Norm Komich

Dear Dennis,
"I like your writing style (e-reports) very much." "Crisp, bouncy and clean."
Bob Fritz,
Author of EVO Bodybuilding

"Dennis Weis is a guy who has seen it all and done it twice. He provides detailed information which is foolproof and dead on. It you want to know how to get stronger and more muscular, listen to what he has to say!"
Nelson Montana,
Renowned Columnist for Muscle Mag Int'l

Hi Dennis,
"My favorites are the Triple Phase Powered Creatine Report and the Chucks Sipes e-reports."
Respectfully, Lon K. Baldridge

"The Dennis B. Weis specialized 'e-books' on training for precision and rapid fire results are the 21st Century's modern way to learn the secrets and facts of safe Bodybuilding anabolic growth, gaining dense muscle mass and producing extreme strength contraction forces."
"These cyberspace 'e-books' muscle up databases are a perfectly clear, instructional and motivational read for…the man or woman, athlete, home trainer, gym trainer, and even the professional personal trainer."
DENIE: former sports magazine editor, photojournalist and the IFBB Medical and Press Liaison

Dear Dan (,
"Just wanted to drop you a line to say I'm on week six of Dennis B. Weis' Cinderblock Abs e-report!" "Although there is no six pack or washboard yet I can honestly tell you this systematically targets the six-pack! Unlike other ab programs I've used this is the first program where I was actually sore in the six-pack!"
"…I have high hopes for this program and am doing it by the book!" "I'll keep you posted!" ("Yes I have taken a 'before' picture!").
Ray Westafer

"Dennis has really outdone himself with these incredible e-reports. As a dedicated trainer myself, I eagerly devoured the information I found in them! He presents invaluable advice on arm training, abdominal training, creatine supplementation, and much more.

Nick Nilsson, B.A.Sc, A.C.E. Certified Trainer
Author of "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of" -
Vice-President, BetterU, Inc. -

Dear Dennis:

I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing for many years. Your books and reports are some of the most informative, interesting and, valuable anyone interested in bodybuilding and weightlifting could obtain. Each provides far more in value than the price. I highly recommend anyone with interest in the sport seek out your work. The honesty and insight you provide is exceptional by any standard.

Alan Palmieri
Jefferson City, Tennessee