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This drawing depicts the deadlift/wooden plank concept that Jaska Parviainen and Ernest F. Cotreil recommend. Notice the top plank of each stack with the built-in safety feature to keep the bar from rolling off between sets.

Pro Tip: The wooden-plank concept can be applied to the barbell squat and supine barbell bench press as well. It only takes a little ingenuity in arranging one stack of wooden planks (box squat concept - where the power bodybuilder squats until his glutes momentarily touch the stack of planks behind him) for the squat and two stacks for the bench press. If you don't have enough wooden planks for this exercise, then perhaps place them on top of some concrete bond beam blocks. The initial heights of the wooden stack(s) during the first two weeks of a program should allow a 1" to 3" power-stroke lockout for the squat (bend at the knees, etc.) for bench press (bend at the elbows, etc.) movement.

Begin each workout for either of these two exercises by doing two specific warm-up sets of 15 and 10 reps, each in full range of motion style with a poundage which is 45% and 60% of a current un-fatigued maximum single effort. The remaining instructions are modifications of some of Paul Anderson's ultimate power-training secrets. Rest assured that this training instruction works very efficiently for the power bodybuilder. Load up an exercise bar with a poundage which exceed a maximum single effort by 10%. With the assistance of a competent spotter or two, perform two sets of 20 to 25 consecutive reps in the 1" to 3" power-stroke lockout movement. Rest 2 to 3 minutes between all sets. Follow the workout for two nonconsecutive workout days. One of the best workout strategies here from the standpoint of localized muscle recovery and systemic recovery of the central nervous system is to train one day and then rest three total days. Your training workout week will be structured around an eight day cycle as opposed to the common seven-day cycle, but that is of no concern.

Each proceeding eight-day cycle increase you power stroke by 1" simply by removing one more wooden plank from the stack(s). while decreasing the consecutive reps by 3. Your is to increase your power-stroke lockout in the squat to 1" to 2" above parallel, and in the bench press by 9". The rep factor will have decreased between 2 and 7. Six to eight weeks is about all the body can endure on this program and then you should consider taking a three-week rest form power lockout training.

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