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Slam Training (20 Minute "brief and brutal" workouts)
By: Dennis B. Weis
(Author of Mass!, Raw Muscle & Anabolic Muscle Mass)

"Sorry friend, you have to stop working out for a while!!!" "Never!!!" you shout, "bodybuilding is an important part of my existing lifestyle!" Your response may be true, but if there is anything happening in your life aside from bodybuilding, then chances are that some day you'll have to invest some of your precious workout time to other pursuits. Perhaps it's a time-consuming family obligation or maybe you have to work two jobs for a while. Maybe your employed full time and trying to carry a full 16 credits at the college level. Then perhaps you have to study for exams or a critical license test. You could also be moving from your business or residence and relocating. For one reason or another you find yourself cramped for gym time that make full length muscle fiber alerting workouts impossible. A lack of training time should never become an excuse for procrastination or missing workouts completely. Have no fear! A simple solution is to devise a plan where you can do a workout, including dressing and showering, in thirty minutes. What can you do in 30 minutes? Plenty to keep you from becoming as shapeless as a half- inflated balloon and enough to Keep the high level of strength and muscle bulk you've already developed, until you can once again return to your previous full length optimum workouts. Maintaining your hard earned gains is best accomplished by performing one of the following time proven Slam Training (20 Minute "brief and brutal" workout's ).

Behemoth Muscle Bulk & Power

Within the structure of this workout I suggest that you use four basic exercises - "Feet Of The Floor" Supine barbell bench press, Barbell bent over rows, Barbell back squats and 45' (machine) Leg presses. It seems the best sequential order of doing the exercises is to begin with the Bench press, next do the Squat, follow it with the Rowing and finish up with the Leg press. Performed in this manner you are able to partially rest the upper torso while working the legs and then let the legs grab some needed rest as you do the upper body exercise(s). You don't have time for long rests between sets and exercises; neither can you afford as high reps as you might like. So work with five or six reps each set with no rest or little as possible. Begin the series of exercises by doing 5-6 reps in the "Feet Of The Floor" Supine barbell bench press with about one-half of your usual exercise poundage; without a pause do 5-6 reps in the Barbell back squat with approximately two - thirds of the usual exercise poundage. Squat down only as far as knee and lower back integrity and flexibility will allow. Move on to the Barbell bent over rows, again for 5-6 reps with one-half of the usual exercise poundage. Use a narrow hand spacing of no more than 6-inches. Still with no rest, blast out 5-6 45' Leg presses (on a machine) with two-thirds of a regular exercise poundage. This competes the first series!!!

There are five more series to go and so you may take a breather but it must be only long enough to change weights for each proceeding series. Series two: Increase poundage ten to twenty percent on each exercise, doing another 5-6 reps of each. Series three: The weight jump factor follows that of the above series (2).

Series four: On this series increase the poundage so that the absolute most weight can be used in each of the four exercises for 5-6 maximum repetitions Series five: Decrease the poundage used in the above series by ten percent and do 5 - 6 continuous reps. Series six: Again reduce the poundage used in series five and do as many "burn-out" repetitions as you possible can, to complete failure. Going through a single series of the four exercises, and preparing the weight jumps when either moving up or down will take about two and a half minutes. On your limit sets (series four), it may take a bit longer but you can still finish the six series in twenty minutes. Always rest the total body one or two days between workouts!!!

Rotating Sets and Reps Workout

Monday and Thursday
(Do one or two specific warm-up sets first)

Barbell upright rows or (Sub: Parallel bar dips/weight) 4 sets "x" 12 reps Barbell back squats (High bar style and parallel depth) 4 sets "x" 12 reps

Tuesday and Friday
(Do one or two specific warm-up sets first)

Supine Barbell bench press or (Sub: Incline barbell press)4 sets "x" 12 reps Barbell bent over rowing or (Sub: Conventional Deadlift) 4 sets "x" 12 reps Follow the above workout program for a month or so if you are limited for workout time. During the first week of the program adhere to the 4 sets "x" 12 reps outlined above. During the second week change your sets and reps to 6 sets "x" 8 reps on the three upper torso exercises and for the squat movement do 3 sets "x" 16 reps. The third week change your sets from six to eight and the reps from eight to five on the upper body exercises. On the squats reduce the sets from three to two and increase the reps from sixteen to twenty. Week four remains the same as week three. Always try to increase the poundage when ever possible but not at the expense of 'technique-emphasis'.

Non-Stop H.U.G.E. Workout

Begin this workout (two or three alternate days per week) by warming up with the Clean and press over head for 6-8 reps. Add enough poundage so that you can do 4-6 reps. This is your initial starting point. Each preceding set add 5-pounds to the barbell until you are unable to perform more than one repetition. When you get to this point it is time to add an additional 20 - pounds or so to the barbell and begin doing sets of 2 Cleans (Simultaneously) and 1 Jerk overhead. On this exercise you clean the barbell twice in succession and on the second clean you then jerk the poundage overhead. This is one set. Now add 5-10 pounds to the bar and repeat the sequence as described. Continue on in this manner until you can only clean the barbell one time. When you fail to clean the weight for the second rep add 15-20 pounds to the bar and begin Barbell high pulls to the belt line. This movement is best done for 2 consecutive reps each, adding 5 to 10 - pounds per each set. When you can't pull the barbell to belt high for a second rep of a set add 20 - 25 pounds to the bar and be- gin conventional Deadlifts. Continue adding 15 - 20 pounds each proceeding set and when you can't do the required second rep of a set it is time to Stop!!! There is absolutely no rest between sets of any of the exercises listed. The only rest you get is during the upgrading of the poundage for each exercise of a particular exercise.

Super Fitness Strategy

On this particular 20 minute Slam Training workout all you will need is a barbell of a weight you can curl five times in good form and two dumbbells whose total weight is about half of that of the barbell. Since this program is more of a localized muscular fitness protocol compared to the previous three workout programs, the weights used do not have to be extremely heavy. Therefore the route to success will be the exacting technique-emphasis employed within each exercise. Spend 3 seconds in the positive phase contraction and 4 seconds in the negative phase of each repetition performed. Do the following exercises and repetitions in the exact following order and without any rest pauses what-so-ever.

BB: curl 5 reps
DB lateral raise 10 reps
BB curl (again) 5 reps
BB press (standing) 10 reps
BB bent over rowing 10 reps
DB side bends (one dumbbell only) 20 reps each
DB alternate front raises 10 reps
DB front lunges 20 reps
BB shrugs 20 reps
Ab crunches 20 reps
BB back squats 15 reps
DB straight arm pullover 15 reps
Ab knee pull-ins 20 reps
BB bench press 12 reps
BB conventional deadlift 15 reps
BB flat flies 10 reps
One-leg heel raise (hold DB in hand) 20 reps each
(Abbreviations; BB = Denotes barbell, DB = Denotes dumbbell)

Super Tri - Series

On this simple but effective routine begin by performing the Barbell full squat for 10 repetitions (desperately try for 15 reps with a weight you can only get 10 reps with), then immediately do 5 reps in the pullup (palms facing away grip/shoulder width spacing) then finish off with some Vertical dips on the parallel bars for 10 reps with just your bodyweight only. This completes one Tri-series. With absolutely no rest pauses begin a second and third Tri-series. Train twice or three alternate days per week (or whatever your limited schedule allows). Each week add 2 additional Tri-series of the 3 exercises listed till you are doing 10 Super Tri-Series.

Another option with regard to the instruction given on the Super Tri-series (especially if your not used to training in race-the-pump fashion) would be to begin with just one Tri-series and add 1 additional one each proceeding workout until you are doing Three Tri-series, then add 2 additional series as instructed till you are doing the 10 Super Tri-Series. If by some stroke of luck, you can break your limited training up do 5 Super Tri-Series in the morning and then another 5

Super Tri-Series in the evening on workout days. The 10 Super Tri-Series should only be done for 5 workout days, then back off to 4 Tri-series for 5 training days and then back to 10 Super Tri-Series etc. Pro-tip: When you have the opportunity to do full blown total body workouts once again you can expand the Super Tri-series into what is called group sets.

Group sets training is divided into two phases; each one lasting five alternate workout days (workout a day/rest a day). Do a total of 9 exercises, performing 8-12 reps each. You can choose the exercises unique unto your personal wants and needs and arrangement thereof, but personally I go with Barbell bench press to neck, alternate dumbbell bent-over rowing, Dumbbell lateral raises, Lying French press (skull crushers), Seated Dumbbell curls, Barbell wrist curls (palms up), Ab crunches and Barbell Front squats. Do all 9 exercises in the order they are listed without resting. This completes One Group Set. Each additional workout day (two through five) add one more group set, till you are doing 5 group sets. Train twice per day. On workout days six through 10 do only 4 group sets of the 9 select exercises and only once per day.

"25 Maxi-Pump Rep System"

This is a race the pump, total anabolic workout where one set of 25 maxi-pump reps are performed for each of the following exercises in literally non-stop fashion and in the order listed. 1) One legged dumbbell calf raise(s) 2) Leg curl on machine 3) Leg extension on machine 4) High Bar barbell back squats 5) 30 Incline barbell press 6) One-dumbbell pullover 7) 30 Dumbbell incline press 8) Pulley cable cross overs 9) Barbell press behind neck 10) Dumbbell lateral raises 11) Barbell upright rowing 12) Dumbbell shrugs 13) Dumbbell press over head (Gironda style) 14) Front, side or posterior neck work 15) One arm pulley cable rowing 16) One arm bent over dumbbell rowing 17) Close grip bench press with E-Z curl bar 18) 45. Preacher barbell curls 19) Lying Barbell french press 20) 30 Dumbbell, incline curls 21) One arm dumbbell triceps extensions 22) Two hands Barbell curl 23) Reverse Barbell curl and finally 24) Dumbbell concentration curl.

You can walk through the entire 24 exercises in about 27-30 minutes but only if all the training equipment is arranged and ready to use before hand.

The Super-Ten

This workout conditions muscle "tonus", improves heart and lung efficiency and builds enduring strength. Use approximately one-third of your body weight on a barbell and begin the exercises, moving from one exercise to the next with absolutely no rest-pauses. The only break you will get at all will be when you reach exercises 9 and 10 (where a switch of hand orientation is necessary).Perform each exer- cise for 15 continuous repetitions each. 1) Parallel Barbell back squats-warm up 2) Bent Arm supine barbell pullover (lying supine on an exercise bench) 3) Barbell upright rowing 4) Standing Barbell press behind neck 5) Barbell standing heel raise 6) Barbell (positioned on back) Side bends 7) Barbell Front lunges 8) Barbell stiff-legged deadlift 9) Two hand barbell curl and finally 10) Barbell back squats (below parallel). The seven Slam Training 20+ minute "brief and brutal" workouts will definitely maintain the raw unadulterated strength and muscular bulk you earned on previously expanded total body workouts. Give one of these seven workouts a try. I think your be pleasantly surprised at the excellent results. Stay flexed!!!

Dennis B. Weis is the author of 3 critically acclaimed block buster books; Mass!, Raw Muscle and the newly released Anabolic Muscle Mass He is also a frequent hard hitting, uncompromising writer for many of the mainstream bodybuilding and fitness magazines published world wide.

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